BTC Workshop

Technical Advising in the Crypto Space

We are a technical agency with a passion for education & assisting our clients. We’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing community members all around the world, and we work hard to stay ahead of the innovation curve with every project.

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Smooth Sailing

Our clients learn best practices to feel comfortable trading in the cryptospace. This includes sending/receiving, trading, and securing funds.

Decentralized Assistance

Collaboration is difficult in a decentralized world. BTC Workshop follows suit by decentralizing our team. We are very selective of which candidates join our team of educators to provide top quality responses to all our clients.

Skills for Life

Once you learn the skills needed to feel comfortable in the space, you can be more confident putting the skills to work for you.

BTC Workshop offers in-depth and complete technical assistance in buying/selling, trading, securing funds, mining coins, ecommerce and planning crypto integration for businesses. All services provided are for educational purposes only, and are not direct financial advice.
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When you succeed, we succeed together. Let us help you remove all the roadblocks between you and your goals in the crypto space.

Technical Assistance

Providing in-depth technical assistance, educating clients on cryptocurrency best practices. Clients receive the skills they need to feel confident in the space, based on their specific interests.

Multiple Perspectives

Many times an answer in the crypto space is complex. Your questions will be deliberated on by multiple BTC Workshop Educators and all their responses will be organized and sent for your review.

Fast Delivery

The Crypto Space moves fast and information needs to move faster. For this reason BTC Workshop researches and collaborates daily and will deliver your answers within 24 to 48 hours.

Always Secure

In order to reduce clients risk, we constantly research to ensure our clients receive the best advice available. We practice and teach only the most secure methods in the crypto space.

Trade with confidence.

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